SmartPads – A new home in 4 easy steps.

SmartPads, Stylish prefab home solutions in Breckenridge
Stylish prefab home solutions in Summit County and beyond

Introducing SmartPads – an innovative way to own a brand new home in Colorado for significantly less money. With SmartPads there are no overages. You can eliminate more than 50% of construction line items while simultaneously elevating quality. We provide affordable home solutions that are stylish, efficient, and smart.



A Place to Call Your Own

The first step is to find a suitable site to build on. Whether you want to live close to town, or off-the-grid, SmartPads can help you find just the right spot. With many options, SmartPads and a Realtor of your choice will provide you with the tools you need to make the right decision.


Start Smart

Wipe away any preconceived notions you have about prebuilt homes. Our designs represent a fusion of luxury and function, incorporating quality materials such as vertical grain cedar siding, high-grade steel accents, stone countertops, and hardwood flooring. By starting with a smart design, we eliminate all of the hassle for you. No weekend trips to showrooms across the state, no wasted time and no markups. Your home is built in a precision construction facility giving you access to wholesale purchasing power. We’ve got you covered.


You Have Options

Financing: where the rubber meets the road. A hurdle for many people considering a new build is having the right amount of cash to get a construction loan. We have a solution; SmartPads works with local lenders to deliver downpayment assistance for those who qualify.

How it Works

  1. Qualify with a local bank for construction finance. Don’t worry about the cash down component as we may have a local sponsor to pledge the funds to the bank or you can have your own sponsor. We have negotiated with some local banks with our main supporter being Yampa Valley Bank.
  2. Find a lot that meets your budget
  3. Choose your SmartPad model
  4. Work with recommended Infrastructure provider (A building type contractor who with create a bid for GC services + hard costs to install the water, sewer, electric, concrete pads, driveway etc. We can help.



Make it Your Own

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the building journey is moving in! With a SmartPads home, moving day will come faster than a traditional build and you’ll have more cash left over to make it your own.