Frontier living a short drive from downtown Breckenridge

The subdivisions of South Breckenridge offer real estate that is uniquely different from more populated areas. Heading south, away from town, an unexpected change of scenery occurs as you leave the city limits of Breckenridge. The Blue River Valley narrows and the 14,000-foot Quandary Peak rises above a stunning alpine landscape dotted with charming mountain homes. Unlike the Breckenridge properties located in the openness of the valley near town, South Breckenridge real estate provides a greater sense of belonging to the mountain wilderness.

Magical Mountain setting

Steep slopes cascade into the Blue River Valley, where the majority of homes nestle into intimate, forested lots. With Highway 9 being the only through route, this part of Summit County gives the feeling of being far removed from Breckenridge Ski Resort and the hustle and bustle of its surrounding towns. Offering an abundance of public lands and trails, the real estate of South Breckenridge is an ideal location for your Rocky Mountain retreat.


Higher elevation attracts higher snowfall 

The properties in South Breckenridge sit at a higher altitude than the rest of Summit County. When assessing your real estate needs, it is prudent to put significant consideration into the elevation and potential snowfall, as well as, the orientation of the home and desired sunlight.